Quality Hair Growth Takes Time

We know how stressful it can be to wait to see results once you’ve committed to revitalizing thinning strands. While we wish we could guarantee a full head of hair overnight, like a fine wine, quality hair growth takes time.

The Hair Growth Cycle

One of the reasons our serum is so effective is because its ingredients help soothe your scalp and increase blood circulation in capillaries just below the skin’s surface, bringing much-needed nutrients to your hair follicles. On a struggling scalp, hair follicles spend less time in the anagen (active) phase and may spend more time than normal in the telogen (resting) phase, resulting in hair loss. If your hair follicles can recover, they can produce up to half an inch of growth per month.

Phases of Hair Re-Growth

  • First, you should notice a shadow on your scalp, which will indicate your hair follicles have entered the anagen phase of hair growth. This shadow is caused by keratin and color pigment cells accumulating in your follicles as they form the root bulb and the hair shaft.
  • A few months in, you may notice thin, soft hairs known as vellus hairs. While these are not the hairs that will eventually become terminal, permanent ones, the presence of these ‘baby hairs’ is an early sign that the terminal strands may be on their way. Because these hairs are so soft and fragile, it is important to care for them gently and carefully. Consider a gentle, cleansing shampoo and limit brushing and styling, especially while wet.
  • After three to six months of consistent use and care, you will start to notice sturdy, coarse hairs that grow about 1 cm per week. At first, these may stick straight up or out and may not lie flat. Continue a gentle care routine with this new growth to ensure its longevity. As long as hair is in the anagen phase (which can last 3-5 years on healthy scalps), it will continue to grow, albeit slowly. And don’t be worried if you notice some hairs falling out! Remember, it’s normal for a healthy scalp to lose 80-100 hairs per day

Remember, consistency is the key to a healthy head of hair. Be diligent in your application of the Activating Serum and treat your scalp gently as it heals. Although you should start to see terminal growth after three to four months, it can take six months to a year to see the full effects. Do you have questions about the hair regrowth process? Were your results different? We’d love to hear about your journey and celebrate your new growth.


Kathy Watson

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