Ingredient Profile: Zinc Gluconate is a Trace Mineral with Big Benefits for Hair Growth

Zinc is a vital trace mineral in the body, which means healthy levels are imperative for overall health and hair growth. From supporting healthy follicles to promoting normal testosterone levels in both men and women, zinc gluconate is a powerful player in our Activating Serum formula.

Why is Zinc Important?

Found in nearly every cell and tissue throughout the body, zinc is vital to a number of biological functions, including hormone production, digestion, and neuroprotection. Most important for supporting a healthy scalp are its ability to aid in the production of proteins and DNA while also speeding up wound recovery. Zinc also has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes cell division—key factors in maintaining scalp health. Below the skin, Zinc strengthens the sebaceous glands, prolonging the hair growth cycle and promoting hair follicle recovery.

How Does Zinc Support Hair Growth?

Topical application of zinc can reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a form of testosterone that can disrupt normal hair growth cycles when allowed to proliferate. An abundance of DHT has been seen to shrink hair follicles and weaken strand shafts. While applying zinc topically has been shown to have many benefits for those experiencing hair loss, too much zinc supplementation may cause a copper deficiency. Our trusted formula ensures the right amount of zinc to balance your scalp.

Throughout the body, zinc is essential for healthy biological processes like hair growth. By supporting healthy follicles and preventing the overproduction of DHT, zinc will ensure a balanced scalp as the foundation of a healthy head of hair. Do you have experience with or questions about zinc? We wanna know! Comment below—we love connecting with our community.

Kathy Watson

Over her 10-year career as a journalist, Kathy has worked as a columnist and reporter for both print magazines and digital publications. She started as a beat reporter for her college newspaper covering biosciences and general science. Kathy holds a B.A. in political science. Reviewed by Collective Laboratories' Medical Advisory Board

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